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Our services

We provide a free initial meeting with the clients, ideally we would like to meet with you at project site. This allows the designer to absorb the proposed design scope of work for your project, and general expectations. During the initial meeting several topics will be covered such as; design criteria, zoning restrictions, building bylaws, land topography, building code, construction costs, target budget, project timeline, designer work experience, and clients previous construction experiences.

Design Criteria & Preliminary Design Plans

Here at Aspire we believe it is critical for the design concept to mesh itself with the clients objectives and vision. Together as a team we will explore drafting design options to create an ideal result. The client normally provides information and or material to help get the project underway. With this information we will draw up the plans using the latest CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software. This allows us to use many CAD drafting tools such as 3d modeling for better exterior and interior visualization.  

Working Drawings and Construction Documents

As most builders understand it is important that what is drawn on a plan can be built within the budget in the real world. It is our job when designing, to understand the construction process. Here at Aspire the head designer and company owner has worked in the construction industry; renovating homes and building brand new homes.

Hiring Contractors
and Construction Phase

Finding the right General Contactor, Builder and Trades is important. Aspire has local connections you may want to talk with. Please ask us and we would be happy to provide you with a list of names to help your project succeed. Depending on the nature of your project, you may find it advantageous to include a builder earlier than later. We are happy to work with all members of your project team.

Our skills

Aspire – A unique combination of innovative custom designs and practical construction practices, our skills allow us to design cost-effective spaces that reflect our clients’ dreams and practical needs.

Creative Building Plans fast and cost effecitive




– Development Permit Plans
– Development Variance Permit Plans
– Rezoning Plans
– Plans for Tender


– Site Plans for Subdivisions
– Landscape Plans for Subdivisions
– Panhandles Lots
– Higher Density Infill



Building Permit Applications

– New Construction
– New House Plans
– Renovation Plans
– Addition Plans
– Commercial Office Plans

Additional  Services

– 3D modeling
– Budgeting
– Passive and Solar Design
– Building Energy Modeling
– Environmentally Friendly Design

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